About Us

FactWire News Agency is the first and only independent newsroom that specialises in investigative journalism in Hong Kong. Initiated by veteran journalist Ng Hiu-tung in 2015, we raised a record-breaking HK$4.7 million by crowdfunding from more than 3,300 backers in three months.

Our mission

We inform the public by exposing abuses of power by governments, corporations and other institutions. Through in-depth, impartial and factual investigative reporting, we uncover the truth, give voice to the voiceless and hold power to account.

Public interest is at the heart of FactWire. We focus on serious issues that matter to the general public, including government and corporate wrongdoing, environmental problems, human right violations and social injustices. Our journalists are willing to dive deep to reveal the truth behind every story, no matter how long it takes.

Our model

FactWire is 100% publicly-funded. In a polarised society, we fill an important gap left by a media industry that is increasingly being undermined by government pressure, corporate interests and political-motivated self-censorship.

We are committed to being free from political and commercial influence, so much so that our operations are completely financed by public subscription and media licensing from our readers, supporters and media. The bulk of our funds goes directly into our investigative journalism and daily operation.

Our team

FactWire’s team consists of investigative reporters and editors. Important editorial decisions are made collectively.

Our impact

Since FactWire became operational in March 2016, our journalists have broken more than 100 hard-hitting stories – in both Chinese and English – to bring to light public interest issues including safety concerns over a nearby nuclear power plant in mainland China, questionable quality of Chinese-made trains, as well as persecution of the late Nobel Peace Prize laureate Liu Xiaobo.

Our investigations have been published by every major Hong Kong news media as well as a number of international outlets including Reuters, the BBC and the Financial Times. Some became top stories in newspapers and TV news bulletins.

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