Bid Rigging

Inflated figures behind sky-high Garden Vista renovation price

14 April 2019

The eye-watering HK$260 million price tag for the Garden Vista estate renovation was based on inaccurate and inflated estimates, a report from a consultancy firm has revealed.

Government-subsidised projects showed signs of bid-rigging

13 April 2017
Renovation works subsidised by the Operation Building Bright scheme may be fraught with price manipulation according to an analysis

Open database suggests widespread bid rigging

11 April 2017
A building maintenance information database compiled by FactWire suggests signs of bid-rigging in the industry

The “Book” made available to public for flat owners to evaluate prices of building maintenance projects

7 April 2017
A reference book, commonly known as “the Book”, is a schedule of rates for district term contract of Hong Kong Housing Authority. It is used inside government departments to conduct valuations for projects and assess whether the tender price is reasonable

Government reference book reveals estate constructions estimated value just 40 per cent of tender prices

6 April 2017
Bid prices for major estate construction projects are being vastly inflated, according to a leaked official reference book
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