Lands Department contradicts itself about SOGO’s possible land term violations

21 July 2021

Last month, FactWire revealed that SOGO may have violated the land terms laid out in its Conditions of Exchange. In a follow-up, the Lands Department stressed that a violation of the DMC does not necessarily equate to a violation of land terms. However, it also confirmed that the land terms require adherence to the DMC during assignment or mortgage of the property.



Keeping watch on the largest real estate investment trust in Asia, which manages retail and car-parking facilities in Hong Kong's subsidised estates


SOGO CLUB failed to follow its ‘members only’ license requirements for years

SOGO in Causeway Bay is suspected of exploiting a legal loophole by registering a club license for its 11th to 16th floors, while the ‘members only’ policy required by the license had not been followed for years, FactWire finds.

SOGO’s office altered into shopping mall for 16 years without authorisation

Investigation finds that SOGO, the landmark department store in Causeway Bay, turned its 12th to 16th floors from an office space into a shopping area without authorisation, resulting in fire safety concerns.

Homeowners overcharged for estate maintenance as obscure agreement between the government and Link Reit emerges

Documents reveal Link Reit's maintenance obligations in 23 subsidised estates

HKT staff taught to cheat Lands Department inspection in leaked recording

It follows a FactWire investigation in March revealing that the telecom giant had for years been misusing its utility facilities for commercial use

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