Prince Edward 8.31 — Puzzle of the six rumored “deaths” solved

30 November 2019

On the night of August 31, the police were carrying out an operation at Prince Edward subway station. Rumors that six injured arrestees had been killed have been circulating. FactWire got in touch with them and verified that they were either sent to a hospital or to a police station that night.


Palace Museum Controversy

Investigating violations of procedure and secret dealings in the controversial project

The Belt and Road Initiative

One of the world’s largest port operators has sued a Chinese state enterprise in Hong Kong over infringement of its exclusive port agreement with a strategically located African nation, in the city’s first court case involving China’s Belt and Road Initiative.

Third Runway

The Airport Authority’s third runway project may go over budget by importing marine sand from the southwest region of Guangxi in order to cope with a shortage of sand.

Lantau Tomorrow

The cost of purchasing enough fill materials alone for the government’s controversial 1,700 hectares reclamation project near Lantau Island could add up to $48b to $59.9b.


Prince Edward 8.31 — Chronology of a chaotic scene

The police said they arrested 52 people at Prince Edward Station on 31 August. FactWire interviewed 47 of them and reconstructed the situation at the station based on their accounts. Investigations revealed that aside from the arrestees who were taken to Lai Chi Kok by a special train, there were also arrested people taken away by police vans directly from Prince Edward station.

Prince Edward 8.31 — Differing injury counts lead to suspicion

After 8.31 Prince Edward Incident, many people suspect that someone died in the station because of the discrepancy in the injuries and the closure of the subway station for more than 30 hours afterward. FactWire got in touch with 47 of the arrestees from that night to reconstruct the chaotic situation in the subway station.

Modified voter turnout at five polling stations for District Council Election

The hourly voter turnout of 37 out of 615 polling stations for the 2019 District Council Elections have been amended on the day of the election on Nov. 24, an open database by FactWire shows.

Stamped ballot paper for Hong Kong Island appeared in Kwun Tong Polling Station

A stamped ballot paper indicated for another constituency located in Hong Kong Island was found at a polling station in Kwun Tong, Kowloon during the counting of ballots at Hong Kong’s District Council Election on Nov. 24.

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