Palace Museum Controversy

Direct appointment of famed architect violated West Kowloon procurement procedures

22 February 2017

Architect Rocco Yim was directly appointed to lead the design of the secretive Palace Museum project

West Kowloon authority hid expenses for Palace Museum in other contracts, documents reveal

23 January 2017
The West Kowloon Cultural District Authority did not make public details about advance funds for the Palace Museum project

Controversial Palace Museum layout plan leaked

17 January 2017
Leaked floor plan reveals undisclosed details of the controversial Palace Museum project

Architect of wall-collapsed preservation site commissioned without tender to design the controversial Palace Museum

11 January 2017
Architect Rocco Yim was previously responsible for the collapse of a wall at a historic building

48 Hours after FactWire’s stories on the Palace Museum

9 January 2017
The West Kowloon Culture District Authority has postponed the launch of a public consultation for the controversial project

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