17 High-salt/sugar foods qualify for government’s salt/sugar-reduction label scheme

7 September 2021

At least 12 products labelled “low sugar” or “no sugar” under the government’s voluntary “Salt/Sugar” Label Scheme for Prepackaged Food Products contain excessive sodium; similarly, at least five products labelled “low salt” or “no salt” contain excessive sugar, FactWire has found.


Bid Rigging

An examination of the bid-rigging problem in Hong Kong's residential renovation and maintenance market using crowdsourcing and data analytics


CCTV installed in two primary school’s classrooms but parents say they do not know

Two private primary schools, Good Hope Primary School and Pooi To Primary School, were found to have installed one or more CCTV cameras in their classrooms for 12 years and at least four years respectively, according to photos posted in the past. Parents told FactWire that they did not know about the surveillance.

Company records show Lung Mun’s owner still holding joint venture with a Fulum-related person

FactWire received multiple complaints and was called on to investigate the Lung Mun Cafe chain, one of the earliest businesses branded ‘yellow’ but later questioned for bearing the same name with two other stores owned by the pro-Beijing ‘blue’ Fulum Group. FactWire’s findings contradicted a declaration by Cheung Chun-kit, owner of Lung Mun Cafe, which claimed that he had sold all his shares linked with Fulum without gaining any compensation in September 2019.

Lung Mun’s questionable financial account shows a million loss in 16 public-funded projects

FactWire received nearly 10 complaints in the past half year concerning the Lung Mun Cafe chain, one of the earliest businesses branded ‘yellow’ (pro-democracy) since the Anti-Extradition Bill movement in 2019. Those who raised complaints contended that the large amount of income and ‘donations’ given to Lung Mun were not properly handled, calling on FactWire to investigate the case.

Objection period ends tomorrow yet notice of government official’s Small-house application not found in the concerned village

Government official Thomas Sit and his family proposed three years ago to build Small Houses in Ham Tin Village. To date, the houses in Ham Tin have not been constructed. However, FactWire found that the Sits - as indigenous villagers of Tai Long - have recently applied to build Small Houses in another village, Ho Chung, instead.

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