17 High-salt/sugar foods qualify for government’s salt/sugar-reduction label scheme

7 September 2021

At least 12 products labelled “low sugar” or “no sugar” under the government’s voluntary “Salt/Sugar” Label Scheme for Prepackaged Food Products contain excessive sodium; similarly, at least five products labelled “low salt” or “no salt” contain excessive sugar, FactWire has found.


Palace Museum Controversy

Investigating violations of procedure and secret dealings in the controversial project

The Belt and Road Initiative

One of the world’s largest port operators has sued a Chinese state enterprise in Hong Kong over infringement of its exclusive port agreement with a strategically located African nation, in the city’s first court case involving China’s Belt and Road Initiative.

Third Runway

The Airport Authority’s third runway project may go over budget by importing marine sand from the southwest region of Guangxi in order to cope with a shortage of sand.

Lantau Tomorrow

The cost of purchasing enough fill materials alone for the government’s controversial 1,700 hectares reclamation project near Lantau Island could add up to $48b to $59.9b.



Lands Department contradicts itself about SOGO’s possible land term violations

21 July 2021

Last month, FactWire revealed that SOGO may have violated the land terms laid out in its Conditions of Exchange. In a follow-up, the Lands Department stressed that a violation of the DMC does not necessarily equate to a violation of land terms. However, it also confirmed that the land terms require adherence to the DMC during assignment or mortgage of the property.


CCTV installed in two primary school’s classrooms but parents say they do not know

2 July 2021

Two private primary schools, Good Hope Primary School and Pooi To Primary School, were found to have installed one or more CCTV cameras in their classrooms for 12 years and at least four years respectively, according to photos posted in the past. Parents told FactWire that they did not know about the surveillance.


SOGO CLUB failed to follow its ‘members only’ license requirements for years

6 June 2021

SOGO in Causeway Bay is suspected of exploiting a legal loophole by registering a club license for its 11th to 16th floors, while the ‘members only’ policy required by the license had not been followed for years, FactWire finds.


SOGO’s office altered into shopping mall for 16 years without authorisation

6 June 2021

Investigation finds that SOGO, the landmark department store in Causeway Bay, turned its 12th to 16th floors from an office space into a shopping area without authorisation, resulting in fire safety concerns.


Date unearthed: National security director suspected to be caught at unlicensed spa during office hours

26 May 2021

FactWire’s investigation confirms that a raid was conducted on March 19 at an unlicensed massage parlour in Wan Chai which rumours say is where the Director of National Security was found, suggesting that the top officer might have been visiting an unlicensed, sexual massage parlour on a working Friday afternoon.


Another discrepancy exposed: Shatin-Central Link project uses 8,000 tonnes more rebars than the contract amount

18 May 2021

The amount of rebars actually used in the construction work under Contract 1112 in the Shatin to Central Link project outweighed what was estimated in the contract by about 8,000 tonnes, from the Highways Department’s response following FactWire’s detailed inquiry on the matter.


MTR confirms couplers used in Shatin-Central Link project is 44% more than contract-stated following FactWire’s report in Feb.

3 May 2021

The Highways Department replied to FactWire last Thursday that, according to an assessment by the MTR consultancy, approximately 260,000 couplers were actually used for the Hung Hom extension works of the Shatin to Central Link project under Contract 1112. This is 44% more than 179,925, the amount originally specified in the contract.


Disciplinary forces connections cover over half of NSED open day visitors

23 April 2021

FactWire found that public entries accounted for less than half of all the visitors to the disciplinary forces training schools open day held last week, in support of the National Security Education Day on April 15, 2021.

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