Private line linking to a Shenzhen court installed by a Hong Kong police intelligence division

25 September 2019

An internal police division has installed a private line that connects the Wan Chai Police Headquarters in Hong Kong to a court in Shenzhen, China this August, lasting for a year, internal documents obtained by FactWire shows. 


Palace Museum Controversy

Investigating violations of procedure and secret dealings in the controversial project

The Belt and Road Initiative

One of the world’s largest port operators has sued a Chinese state enterprise in Hong Kong over infringement of its exclusive port agreement with a strategically located African nation, in the city’s first court case involving China’s Belt and Road Initiative.

Third Runway

The Airport Authority’s third runway project may go over budget by importing marine sand from the southwest region of Guangxi in order to cope with a shortage of sand.

Lantau Tomorrow

The cost of purchasing enough fill materials alone for the government’s controversial 1,700 hectares reclamation project near Lantau Island could add up to $48b to $59.9b.



Standards reveal ranges and specifications of arms and ammunitions used by the police

30 August 2019

Standards and specifications of arms and ammunitions and arms commonly used by the police during dispersal at the protests state they could cause serious injuries or death if not fired within range. 


Hong Kong police walked aimlessly before heading towards student leader’s direction after he bought laser pointers, CCTV shows

10 August 2019

Hong Kong police were seen idly walking in Sham Shui Po before they approached and arrested student leader Keith Fong for suspicion of possessing offensive weapons after he bought laser pointers, security camera footage obtained by FactWire has revealed.


Officials absent from crucial press conference

5 August 2019

FactWire has discovered that since the demonstrations against extradition bill began on June 9, several principal officials have taken leave with durations ranging from seven to 17 days.


Police Fired at Least 10 Rounds of Rubber Bullets During June 12 Protest Without Warning

26 July 2019

Police fired at least 10 rounds of rubber bullets without warning at anti-extradition bill protesters outside Hong Kong’s legislature on June 12, despite claiming that only “a few rounds” were used.


Number of urgent suicidal cases goes up as Hong Kong’s extradition protests develop

6 July 2019

At least 22 people in online forums and 80 chat groups on mobile messaging app Telegram have been recorded to be on the verge of committing suicide in the past five days, alarming local experts as protest-linked deaths accumulated to four since Hong Kong’s extradition bill protests began in June.


Protester in viral June 12 video questions violent police tactics

21 June 2019

A video on June 12 showing a young male protester in Admiralty coughing up blood has been viewed thousands of times on social media with some netizens claiming he had died. This claim is false. He is alive and spoke with FactWire about the experience.


Secret deal on Yuen Long site revealed

1 May 2019

Sun Hung Kai Properties (SHKP) paid HK$3.15 million and offered land to representatives of Shan Pui Tsuen to counter opposition against its Yuen Long development in the 1990s.


Inflated figures behind sky-high Garden Vista renovation price

14 April 2019

The eye-watering HK$260 million price tag for the Garden Vista estate renovation was based on inaccurate and inflated estimates, a report from a consultancy firm has revealed.

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